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17 Jan

Dr. Kulacz Consultations

Dr. Kulacz is offering email or one hour phone consultations to answer your dental questions. Fee for this service starts at $450.00 per hour which includes... Read more

16 Jun

Stephen Barrett and Quackwatch

Stephen Barrett again added my name to his Quackwatch website. Barrett states: "The Toxic Tooth claims that "Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that... Read more

  • Our Mission

    The Coletrex mission is the assimilation of data for objective analysis and interpretation. Although it is realistically impossible to eliminate all preconceived bias, we believe that the presentation of information allows the reader to review different points of view on a topic and draw their own conclusions.

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  • The Toxic Tooth

    Although written for the layman, there's more than enough science in The Toxic Tooth to counter any protest from the dental community. If you or a loved one has undergone or is considering root canal treatment, this book is a must-read.

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