The Present Status of Our Knowledge of the Relation of Mouth Infection to Systemic Disease

Dr. Weston R. Price, Cleveland, Ohio

Mr. Chairman, and Members of the St. Louis Dental Society.

Without any introduction whatever of this particular subject, I shall ask you to consider with me one thing: That the acquisi- tion of a new truth is identical with the acquisition of a new sense, for with it you can conceive, perceive and recognize things that you could not recognize before you had that new truth, and with that new kuth you can perceive things that pebple without that truth cannot perceive. Have you got it ? The acquisition of a new truth is identical with the acquisition of a new sense.

Let me give you an illustration. You take your little child out into the woods with you in the summertime when everything is dry . And you take your little revolver or your gun along, and you take some matches and a sharp knife or two. You do not leave them where that child can get hold of them. The child knows what a match is, it can strike a match, but the child does not know the danger of afire…. continued in PDF

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