Chronic Inflammation From Root Canal-Treated Teeth and Periodontal Disease

Evidence keeps mounting on the role of chronic inflammation and systemic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. It is not only the direct pathological effects by the bacteria and the toxins that the bacteria produce, but also the up-regulating of the immune response that occurs because of these infections that raises the level of inflammation throughout the body.

All root canal-treated teeth are infected or will become infected. Some of these teeth will cause chronic inflammation in the surrounding jawbone. This chronic inflammation will continue day in day out, everyday for as long as the tooth is in the mouth. Multiple root canals will increase the level of systemic inflammation. If a person also has periodontal disease, the level of inflammation will increase even more.

This inflammation will not go away until the periodontal disease is treated and kept under control, and the contributing root canal teeth are extracted. People with an exacerbated immune response are at a higher risk for the negative health effects of chronic inflammation.

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