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Dental Implant verses Root Canal: An Important Health Decision

Dr. Cole Sommers
In our book The Toxic Tooth , Dr. Thomas E. Levy and I make the case that root canal-treated teeth remain infected, are a focal source of pathogenic bacteria and toxins that disseminate throughout the body, and are a cause of – or contributor to – a host of systemic diseases. Armed with this information, a person who has an infected tooth has an important decision to make: Do I “keep” this tooth by having a root canal procedure performed on this tooth, knowing that this tooth may subsequently...

All Root Canal Teeth Are Infected

All Root Canal Teeth Are Infected
The majority of dentists, as well as the official position of the American Dental Association, believe that: An infected tooth can be sterilized during a root canal procedure. Any residual infection remaining in the tooth will be safely entombed within the tooth after the root canal procedure is completed. If bacteria do leak out of the tooth, they will be confined to the space immediately adjacent to the tooth and not disseminate to the rest of the body. All three statements are false. The...
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