The Prevention of Systemic Diseases Arising From Mouth Infections and the Purpose and Plan of the Research Institute of the National Dental Association

Weston A. Price, M.S., D.D.S., President and Managing Director, Cleveland, Ohio

This title implies that pathogenic infections of various organs and tissues of the body may have their origin in peridental and periapical infections of the teeth. While we do not deem it necessary to present arguments here to substantiate this inference, we realize that there are many physicians who do not yet appreciate the significance of mouth infections. The writer remembers all too vividly an incident in his own life that happened just twenty-two years ago when two prominent physicians of a western city stood beside his hospital cot, one on either side, when he was prostrated with typhoid fever, and almost came to blows in their all to heated argument as to whether or not typhoid fever was caused by micro-organisms... Contined in PDF

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