Address Delivered to a Mass Meeting of Toronto Dentists

Address Delivered to a Mass Meeting of Toronto Dentists, Held at the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, in the Interests of the Canadian Dental Research Foundation

Weston A. Price, M.D., D.D.S., Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Prices's address was most eloquently and forcefully delivered, and many of the more recent scientific truths were presented in a way which enabled practitioners to apply these principles to their daily practice. The address was profusely illustrated by a series of lantern slides. many of which were beautifully colored. The report of Dr. Price's address is as follows:

A new truth is a new sense, for with a new sense you can see things you could not see before and that others cannot see. The practitioner who through experience and study grasps a new truth and applies it in his practice has a new sensewhich enables him to render better and more scientific service to his patients... Continued in PDF

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